Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to looming

Its so great to be back to looming even though I'm going slow due to the pain in my hands. This my block 7 of 12 blocks for yahoo loomclass. A special thanks to Jennifer K. Stark for designing this block and teaching the class.

I know I skipped block 6 but that one is going to be my last block to loom because its a cable block.
I want the technique for the cable fresh in my mind when I make something for hubby. When we were in upstate NY on our honeymoon trip I found me some hooks that I could use for looming and I added big fat handles on them all. Thanks to the thick handles on the hooks I'm now able to loom slowly now. Looming slow is better than no looming at all with my hands hurting like they do. Here is a closer photo of my new handle.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

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We hope you have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Just to let you know my left hand is slowly getting better as of Tuesday 18, I tried to see if I could get back to working on my Yahoo LoomClass blocks.
I was able to work about 5 rows before I had to stop and let my left hand rest up. I'm so far behind on looming but a little looming a day is better than no looming at all. Take care and stay warm.

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