Monday, December 22, 2008

My Ski Hat

I need to make the ski hat thicker.

Yahooooooooo I can make a fist

I'm so happy Thank you God. Between Visits #4 & #5 to the Chiropractic I have been able to make a fist with my left hand. The weather here in Florida has been so nice like in low 80's, that I have been working out in our yard. As of Saturday I'm now able to make a lose fist (close my hand up) with my left hand. I was looming one of my kiddos a hat on the red KK round loom, till I had a idea. I made a ski mask out of that hat but it needs to be thicker lol. I will post a photo of it so maybe you can tell me what you think of it. If you like it I can write up a pattern for the ski mask. The ski mask is very easy to make.

Have a Great day
God Bless

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday was back to the Chiropractic

Monday I went back Chiropractic for visit #3. Dr. Bernice worked on my hips, neck, left leg and my left arm. I can still bend and twist my left wrist without pain. I still can't make a fist with my left hand yet and now that the pain is gone in my left hand I can really feel the cramping and drawing up in my last three fingers in my left hand. I still can't straighten out them three last fingers all the way yes but Dr. Bernice is still working on them. I now can loom a little more than last visit to Dr. Bernice. I'm now working on my Zig Zag block for yahoo loom class. I'm still looming slow but I can loom about 4 or 5 rows before I have to rest my left hand, but its better than 1/2 or just one row before having to rest. Glad I'm just working with 30 pegs and not more lol or I would never get done as slow as I'm looming lol. My hand is ok as long as I don't lift anything 4oz, I know that's now much weight but anything over that makes my left hand start to draw up and cramp like crazy. I go back tomorrow for visit #4. Here's Dr. Bernice's Address for any of you that live close to Winter Haven, Fl. and would like for her to help you with your pain. If you drop by to check her out tell her Wanda LaChevet said Hi.

Angelic Chiropractic & Health Services, Inc.
605 East Central Ave.
Winter Haven, Florida 33880
Phone (863) 293-7789

Here are photos of the yahoo loomclass block I'm now working on. I also would like to show you how I work with my loom as a leftie. I love these stitch markers. They're made by Boye. I picked mine up at Walmart in the craft section. You'll find them with the knitting needles and crochet hooks. I placed the stitch markers on the pegs that I'm working the (P) purl stitch. In the pics you will see where I'm working a k4, p2, k4, p2 stitch and the pegs with the stitch markers are for p stitches. I don't close the markers because when I get to the next row I just pull the markers off one peg and slide them on another peg as needed. I also use a straw to E-wrap with, but on this block I'm working on I use the straw to keep my yarn from messing up as I'm using one skein of yarn as two strands-working with both inside and outside of this skein of yarn as one. This is an easy way to do it and you don't end up with two 1/2 skeins left over on a small project like this. I hope this helps newbies or anyone that uses two skeins of yarn for projects that call for using two strands as one. When you set your work down just push the straw up to the skein of yarn that way it won't get tangled up.

This is a good pic showing both yarns from inside (the end of skein) and the outside yarn of that one skein of yarn.

Here's a closeup of the stitch markers. This is also the way I hold my loom when working counter clockwise or right to left.

Another closeup of stitch markers open(They stay put till I pull them off)
This is also how I hold my loom when working clockwise or left to right. For me being left handed turning looming upside down like in this photo makes it easy to loom.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My first experience with a Chiropractic

Hello! I hope your doing well today. With all this pain in my hands that has been keeping me from looming, crocheting or much of anything at all since August my hubby said I need to go see his Chiropractic. Thursday 11 was my first visit, where they did some test on me so they could see what was going on with my bones and nerves that way they would know if they could help me with this pain or not.All the people in that office were so nice and they make you feel so welcome there.

Today ( Friday 12th )2nd trip back to Chiropractic. Dr. Bernice went over all the test with me. ( wow is my nervous system and bones in a mess lol ) Dr. Bernice did some adjustments on my bones started with my neck with some pops my back my left elbow my right thumb my and some other places. WOW I can't believe how much better I feel just from a twist here and a pop pop here and there. I now can turn and twist
my left wrist for the first time since August without any pain. I know it will take time to heal so my wrist will still be sore. If you live in or close to Winter Haven, Fl.and have any back pain or hand pain that's keeping you from doing anything look her up she great here is her web site.

I know I have a long ways to go till I'm out of all this pain in my body but with Dr. Bernice and Gods help I'll get there. I'll keep you posted on my trips to see Dr. Bernice. Have a great day,I've got to get back to looming on my late yahoo loom class blocks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something im working on

Here's what I have been crocheting on for hubby that I'm way behind on along with finishing my class loom blocks.

The pic below is a closeup of the handle on my crochet hook.

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