Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back to crocheting!!!! Yes!!!!!!

My 1st Crochet hat made by me Too Kool lol

Get my cube or Create your own

Hi! Sorry For not posting before now. As of Nov 09 I'm back to crocheting after 4 surgery, and healing time, I'm getting back to my crocheting if and when my hands let me. I go back to my hand/ wrist doc Dec 3, 09 so that we can talk about doing surgery on my right (good) hand. Doctor said he wants to work on my right hand so that it will be well enough for me to use it so he can try and finish up the surgeries on my left hand. It has been one long year with out being able to play with my yarn. As for my husband Karl he's still hanging in there and trying to get as much work done on our home as he can, so he can go in for a transplant at the cancer center up in Tampa, Fl. Karl has lost a lot of weight so I put him on power maxx hydro micronized protein mix it works as long as he drinks 3 or 4 glasses a day and works or moves around no matter how bad he is in pain or how tired, he still needs to keep trying to move as much as he can. Thanks to this drink mix hes not losing weight as fast now and it taste good. I crocked Karl a coster for his coffee cup and I made up this hat to wear fishing this winter here in Fl. it's my 1st crochet hat that I have made. It was so much fun making it even though I messed up on it some. My left wrist did not like me too much for pushing it so I could get done with the hat then rest my wrist lol. It's still hard to loom yet but hope I get bk to looming soon. As for my dear friend Darlene shes been crocheting all kinds of kool things even send me some bags she made. Oh my I will have to post a pic soon of something Darlene made using a new stitch she seen, and she did a great job on it as always.

I made this up myself so the res no pattern and my dear friend Darlene was on the comp chatting with me as I worked on it.

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