Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hubby having fun looming

When I was learning to read patterns hubby helped and to do so he had to learn the basic stitches. Since then he has made a rope using string on the I-cord loom and now he made a firewood carrier on the knifty knitter using a technique he calls knot knitting using jute twine. Will post pictures and the pattern after he adds the wooden dowels. I think you'll like it. He did a great job-especially for a newbie LOL. I'm so glad he's taken an interest in the looms. He already has more ideas looming for the looms. Lucky me he'll want more looms so he'll make them as he needs them. More looms for me hee hee.
As for me I'm working on 3 projects. Not sure which I will get finished first so you'll just have to come back and see LOL.
Loom on, WandaJean

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thanks DA Looms & Isela Phelps

WOW All newbies need this book, it has everything one needs to help with learning on looms.
Thank you so much Isela Phelps for helping all of us.

Thank you so much DA Looms, Love the workmanship
On this XXL Adult FG sock loom. The pegs are so cute and tiny compared to the large pegs on the KK looms.
Ya'll go check out

Have a safe HAPPY EASTER,
Wanda Jean

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Convertible Scarf Pattern

I finally found time to write out this pattern.
Wow! Thank you ALL for the wonderful compliments and requests for the pattern.
I had a lot of trouble learning to read patterns as I'm a visual person and left-handed to boot. I wrote this pattern with newbies in mind.
It's very easy so don't be afraid to go for it. If you can loom a hat on a round loom you can do this.
Just copy and paste onto notepad on your computer.

For now it is free to download for non-commercial use.

Loom On, Wanda Jean

This is the pattern for the Convertible Scarf

I've tried to write this so that loomers at all levels can follow it. Pattern is the same for right and left handers.

Project was worked using lion brand homespun baroque #322 on the green kk round loom. Guage not important.
2 strands throughout. For a thinner scarf use one strand.

Items needed

Green Knifty Knitter round Loom
2 6 oz skeins Lion Brand Homespun (185 yards per skein)
2 foot pc contrasting colored yarn
Tapestry Needle
4 3/4-1" round buttons with nub on back (Flat buttons won't work)

Step 1:

row 1:
working with 2 strands of yarn doing Basic E-wrap
cast On all pegs, 3 rounds ( will have 3 wraps on each peg) Knit off 2 over 1

row 2:
E-wrap all pegs 3 times ( will be 4 wraps on each peg ) KO 2 over 2

row 3 thru 100: (or to desired length)
Continue to KO 2 over 2

(I usually do 100 rows-your mileage may vary)

row 100:
100th or last row knit off 3 over 1 leaving one st on each peg.

Cut yarn leaving a 2 ft tail.

To Bind Off take your piece of contrasting yarn thread on tapestry needle and starting with peg one guide needle up through loop on each peg.Leaving long tail lift all stiches off all pegs.(Don't gather or tie knot)

Step 2:
Take tube and lay it flat on table match stitches of the two halves with tail on left end and place back on loom on pegs 1-18. This is where the contrasting yarn comes in handy to find the stitches.
Each peg should have 2 stitches on it.
Remove contrasting yarn.

KO all pegs then take tail and wrap the first peg once and KO 1 over 1. Now move stitch on peg 1 to peg 2.
Repeat on peg 2-working stitch on peg 2 to 3, 3 to 4 etc.
On last stitch wrap as above now cut short tail pull it through last stitch. Pull tail tight. Hide tail.

Repeat step 2 on other end of scarf minus the contrasting yarn.

Congratulations you scarf is comeplete except for the buttons.

Step 3 Attaching Buttons:

Sew on buttons using thread or yarn

I place buttons by finding 3rd stitch from side and 5th stitch from bottom sewing on buttons with same yarn front and back
Do same on other end.

No buttonholes needed. just work button through yarn wherever you want.
This can be worn as shown in my blog and several other ways as well.

If you have problems with the pattern email me

Pattern Copyright Wanda Jean LaChevet 2008. All rights reserved. For personal, non-commercial use only.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finished SIL's Scarf

Hi There ,Thanks for dropping by. Hubby named this scarf The Convertible Scarf, due to all the ways one can wear it. This scarf was made for my ex SIL for her birthday, she doesn't like hats or a long scarf.I was going to add 2 more buttons on back of the two buttons till hubby said make it just like the one I made for my mother and his sister, but from now on there will be two buttons back to back on each side lol( you can see in pic's why i need 4 buttons ) .With me learning to loom, you know its easy to make lol. I'll post a pattern soon. It will be free for others to use for now but please don't sell them if you make them. I made this scarf on the green kk round loom. Hope you like it, Take care.

Loom On, WandaJean

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strawberry Pattern

Wow, I'm surprised so many people asked for the strawberry pattern.
This pattern will work for many types of berries depending on if and how you stuff it and how you shape it after it is done.


Start of pattern:

Take a KK I-cord loom and use the bigger end with 8 pegs to make a strawberry.

Pick up 2 strands of red yarn,Leaving a tail short E-wrap loom twice. KO 1 over 1, single stich.

Continue in single stich for 5 rounds on loom.

Next step:

Starting with peg 1

move stich off peg 1 and put onto peg 2
move stich off peg 3 and put onto peg 4
move stich off peg 5 and put onto peg 6
move stich off peg 7 and put onto peg 8
Now you will only have stiches on 4 pegs.

Next step:
Cut WY Leaving 2" tail and remove from loom using the gathered BO method.Tuck in tail,(leave it inside out this is the look you want.

Now with green yarn sew over your knot where you just gathered,as in making a big X, do this over and over the same big X pattern 5 times. Cut and tuck in tail. (This will make the green cap on top of your strawberry look real.) well kinda hee hee

Last step:
Close up bottom end by gathering it with red yarn.
Shape your strawberry and your done.

Pattern copyright Wanda Jean LaChevet 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trying a new stitch

I have been making everyone else slippers,so I thought I would make me a pair.
Up till now the only stitch I used on them was the e-wrap. I thought I'd try a different stitch. I wanted a tighter cuff but I tried the knit one pearl two. Didn't work so I frogged it. Then I tried knit two pearl two and came up with a faux rib stitch. It worked great. When I turned down the cuff it had my initial on it.
Kool. Then I just e-wrapped 2 over 1 and 1 over 2 for the rest of it. Finished them just in time as we had 3 cold nights in a row. I know, we're spoiled here in Fla. They turned out warm and comfy.
Now im starting on my x SIL's scarf for her birthday the 19 of this month, glad its a short scarf lol. Will try and write a pattern for it as so many asked for the pattern when I showed the last one. I call it my convertible scarf as it can be worn many ways. Will post pics when done.
Happy looming, WandaJean

The Strawberry Craze

In my LoomClass Robin McCoy taught us how to make a Strawberry Deluxe Sundae Hat using one of her patterns. I was so excited as it was the first thing I made strictly using a pattern. It turned out great. As I was looking at it afterwards I thought hmmnn this would make a great cover for a spare roll of TP....and the craze began LOL. First I did the TP cover by altering the pattern.
Then I realized it was about the same size as a square Kleenex box so another project for the loom. I had to add a few rows to the basic hat pattern to make the height of the box. It worked! As hubby was taking pics of my projects for me I started to fold the TP cover and realized I'd made a Strawberry Deluxe Pie LOL. It looked yummy. When I posted the pics on my Yahoo group I was asked for the pattern for the strawberry on top. Now this was crocheted and it is a loom group so I made another using the KK I-Cord loom and wrote the pattern as I went along. Another first. Loved doing these. It led to all kinds of ideas.
Thanks so much Robin-you've created a monster LOL.

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