Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hubby having fun looming

When I was learning to read patterns hubby helped and to do so he had to learn the basic stitches. Since then he has made a rope using string on the I-cord loom and now he made a firewood carrier on the knifty knitter using a technique he calls knot knitting using jute twine. Will post pictures and the pattern after he adds the wooden dowels. I think you'll like it. He did a great job-especially for a newbie LOL. I'm so glad he's taken an interest in the looms. He already has more ideas looming for the looms. Lucky me he'll want more looms so he'll make them as he needs them. More looms for me hee hee.
As for me I'm working on 3 projects. Not sure which I will get finished first so you'll just have to come back and see LOL.
Loom on, WandaJean

1 comment:

Kirstin said...

Eager to see the firewood carrier in action - seems like a great Father's Day present!

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