Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strawberry Pattern

Wow, I'm surprised so many people asked for the strawberry pattern.
This pattern will work for many types of berries depending on if and how you stuff it and how you shape it after it is done.


Start of pattern:

Take a KK I-cord loom and use the bigger end with 8 pegs to make a strawberry.

Pick up 2 strands of red yarn,Leaving a tail short E-wrap loom twice. KO 1 over 1, single stich.

Continue in single stich for 5 rounds on loom.

Next step:

Starting with peg 1

move stich off peg 1 and put onto peg 2
move stich off peg 3 and put onto peg 4
move stich off peg 5 and put onto peg 6
move stich off peg 7 and put onto peg 8
Now you will only have stiches on 4 pegs.

Next step:
Cut WY Leaving 2" tail and remove from loom using the gathered BO method.Tuck in tail,(leave it inside out this is the look you want.

Now with green yarn sew over your knot where you just gathered,as in making a big X, do this over and over the same big X pattern 5 times. Cut and tuck in tail. (This will make the green cap on top of your strawberry look real.) well kinda hee hee

Last step:
Close up bottom end by gathering it with red yarn.
Shape your strawberry and your done.

Pattern copyright Wanda Jean LaChevet 2008


guppygirl said...

That's a pretty strawberry. Great job!

mommajean13 said...

Thank you Guppy! Glad you like it.

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