Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Strawberry Craze

In my LoomClass Robin McCoy taught us how to make a Strawberry Deluxe Sundae Hat using one of her patterns. I was so excited as it was the first thing I made strictly using a pattern. It turned out great. As I was looking at it afterwards I thought hmmnn this would make a great cover for a spare roll of TP....and the craze began LOL. First I did the TP cover by altering the pattern.
Then I realized it was about the same size as a square Kleenex box so another project for the loom. I had to add a few rows to the basic hat pattern to make the height of the box. It worked! As hubby was taking pics of my projects for me I started to fold the TP cover and realized I'd made a Strawberry Deluxe Pie LOL. It looked yummy. When I posted the pics on my Yahoo group I was asked for the pattern for the strawberry on top. Now this was crocheted and it is a loom group so I made another using the KK I-Cord loom and wrote the pattern as I went along. Another first. Loved doing these. It led to all kinds of ideas.
Thanks so much Robin-you've created a monster LOL.

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