Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trying a new stitch

I have been making everyone else slippers,so I thought I would make me a pair.
Up till now the only stitch I used on them was the e-wrap. I thought I'd try a different stitch. I wanted a tighter cuff but I tried the knit one pearl two. Didn't work so I frogged it. Then I tried knit two pearl two and came up with a faux rib stitch. It worked great. When I turned down the cuff it had my initial on it.
Kool. Then I just e-wrapped 2 over 1 and 1 over 2 for the rest of it. Finished them just in time as we had 3 cold nights in a row. I know, we're spoiled here in Fla. They turned out warm and comfy.
Now im starting on my x SIL's scarf for her birthday the 19 of this month, glad its a short scarf lol. Will try and write a pattern for it as so many asked for the pattern when I showed the last one. I call it my convertible scarf as it can be worn many ways. Will post pics when done.
Happy looming, WandaJean


Robin McCoy said...

Wow, they look nice Wanda! :D Love the post on your Strawberry Sundae creations as well.


Really nice, cozy and look so comfortable!!! Look forward to see the scarf for you x SIL:)

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