Monday, January 12, 2009

Another class block done

I would like to thank Pam Keville for sharing her pattern with our yahoo loom class.
I enjoyed loom this zig zag block was fun and very easy to loom.

I'm still looming slow due to me left hand but I'm getting them done lol. I had to tell Doc the Chiropractic That I would have to back off from seeing her. It's not that she didn't help me ( she did) ,it's just that we need that money for work on our home right now then I'll go back when I can.
Stay warm and safe out there I need to get off here and get started on the next class block. Hugs till next time,

Friday, January 2, 2009

Free Loomed Ski Mask Pattern

Last time I posted pictures of my ski mask I made and had requests for a pattern for it. So here it is. If you have any questions or comments email me. Happy New Years
This is my pattern for an Adult size ski mask

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Loomed Ski Mask Pattern
By Wanda Jean LaChevet 2008

Sample was loomed using 7oz red heart super saver medium (4)ply
Bulkier yarn recommended for very cold areas.
Picture shown was done using basic e-wrap (1 over 1)

Tools needed:
Green knifty knitter round loom
Tapestry Needle
Loom tool

Gauge: not important

Working with 2 strands of yarn as 1 doing Basic E-wrap.

Step 1:
Knitting all the way around… leaving a tail long enough to weave in later using 2 strands of yarn held as one, cast on to the loom using the E-wrap cast on. E-wrap and knit off in single stitch (1 over 1) for a total of 7 rows.

Step 2: Making the brim
You will be performing a cuffed brim by bringing the cast on loops back up to place on the pegs again and knit off the bottom loop over the top. (You will not be doing any wrapping for this process.) You can hide your beginning tail by sandwiching it in between the two layers before knitting off.

Step 3:
Using the double stitch (1 over 2), E-wrap in the round, for 40 rows.

Step 4:
This step is making the opening for the eyes.

On pegs 1-11 perform the flat removal method adding a chain between each loop.

Step 5
Top of the mask

Starting at peg 12 working as a flat panel E-wrap pegs 12 - 36 then back to 12. You will have 3 loops on each peg.
Knit off using the double stitch (1 over 2). Continue for 5 rows.
When done you should be back on peg 12.

Step 6
Starting at peg 12 working in the round using the double stitch (1 over 2) all the way around the loom.
You will notice that at the top of the opening in the mask you won't have a double stitch. This is the way it is supposed to be.
Continue working in the round for 35 rows.

Remove from loom using the gathered bind off method. Weave in tail on inside.

Copyright BY Wanda Jean LaChevet 2008 All rights reserved. For personal, non-commercial use only. Contact

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