Monday, December 22, 2008

My Ski Hat

I need to make the ski hat thicker.

Yahooooooooo I can make a fist

I'm so happy Thank you God. Between Visits #4 & #5 to the Chiropractic I have been able to make a fist with my left hand. The weather here in Florida has been so nice like in low 80's, that I have been working out in our yard. As of Saturday I'm now able to make a lose fist (close my hand up) with my left hand. I was looming one of my kiddos a hat on the red KK round loom, till I had a idea. I made a ski mask out of that hat but it needs to be thicker lol. I will post a photo of it so maybe you can tell me what you think of it. If you like it I can write up a pattern for the ski mask. The ski mask is very easy to make.

Have a Great day
God Bless

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday was back to the Chiropractic

Monday I went back Chiropractic for visit #3. Dr. Bernice worked on my hips, neck, left leg and my left arm. I can still bend and twist my left wrist without pain. I still can't make a fist with my left hand yet and now that the pain is gone in my left hand I can really feel the cramping and drawing up in my last three fingers in my left hand. I still can't straighten out them three last fingers all the way yes but Dr. Bernice is still working on them. I now can loom a little more than last visit to Dr. Bernice. I'm now working on my Zig Zag block for yahoo loom class. I'm still looming slow but I can loom about 4 or 5 rows before I have to rest my left hand, but its better than 1/2 or just one row before having to rest. Glad I'm just working with 30 pegs and not more lol or I would never get done as slow as I'm looming lol. My hand is ok as long as I don't lift anything 4oz, I know that's now much weight but anything over that makes my left hand start to draw up and cramp like crazy. I go back tomorrow for visit #4. Here's Dr. Bernice's Address for any of you that live close to Winter Haven, Fl. and would like for her to help you with your pain. If you drop by to check her out tell her Wanda LaChevet said Hi.

Angelic Chiropractic & Health Services, Inc.
605 East Central Ave.
Winter Haven, Florida 33880
Phone (863) 293-7789

Here are photos of the yahoo loomclass block I'm now working on. I also would like to show you how I work with my loom as a leftie. I love these stitch markers. They're made by Boye. I picked mine up at Walmart in the craft section. You'll find them with the knitting needles and crochet hooks. I placed the stitch markers on the pegs that I'm working the (P) purl stitch. In the pics you will see where I'm working a k4, p2, k4, p2 stitch and the pegs with the stitch markers are for p stitches. I don't close the markers because when I get to the next row I just pull the markers off one peg and slide them on another peg as needed. I also use a straw to E-wrap with, but on this block I'm working on I use the straw to keep my yarn from messing up as I'm using one skein of yarn as two strands-working with both inside and outside of this skein of yarn as one. This is an easy way to do it and you don't end up with two 1/2 skeins left over on a small project like this. I hope this helps newbies or anyone that uses two skeins of yarn for projects that call for using two strands as one. When you set your work down just push the straw up to the skein of yarn that way it won't get tangled up.

This is a good pic showing both yarns from inside (the end of skein) and the outside yarn of that one skein of yarn.

Here's a closeup of the stitch markers. This is also the way I hold my loom when working counter clockwise or right to left.

Another closeup of stitch markers open(They stay put till I pull them off)
This is also how I hold my loom when working clockwise or left to right. For me being left handed turning looming upside down like in this photo makes it easy to loom.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My first experience with a Chiropractic

Hello! I hope your doing well today. With all this pain in my hands that has been keeping me from looming, crocheting or much of anything at all since August my hubby said I need to go see his Chiropractic. Thursday 11 was my first visit, where they did some test on me so they could see what was going on with my bones and nerves that way they would know if they could help me with this pain or not.All the people in that office were so nice and they make you feel so welcome there.

Today ( Friday 12th )2nd trip back to Chiropractic. Dr. Bernice went over all the test with me. ( wow is my nervous system and bones in a mess lol ) Dr. Bernice did some adjustments on my bones started with my neck with some pops my back my left elbow my right thumb my and some other places. WOW I can't believe how much better I feel just from a twist here and a pop pop here and there. I now can turn and twist
my left wrist for the first time since August without any pain. I know it will take time to heal so my wrist will still be sore. If you live in or close to Winter Haven, Fl.and have any back pain or hand pain that's keeping you from doing anything look her up she great here is her web site.

I know I have a long ways to go till I'm out of all this pain in my body but with Dr. Bernice and Gods help I'll get there. I'll keep you posted on my trips to see Dr. Bernice. Have a great day,I've got to get back to looming on my late yahoo loom class blocks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something im working on

Here's what I have been crocheting on for hubby that I'm way behind on along with finishing my class loom blocks.

The pic below is a closeup of the handle on my crochet hook.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to looming

Its so great to be back to looming even though I'm going slow due to the pain in my hands. This my block 7 of 12 blocks for yahoo loomclass. A special thanks to Jennifer K. Stark for designing this block and teaching the class.

I know I skipped block 6 but that one is going to be my last block to loom because its a cable block.
I want the technique for the cable fresh in my mind when I make something for hubby. When we were in upstate NY on our honeymoon trip I found me some hooks that I could use for looming and I added big fat handles on them all. Thanks to the thick handles on the hooks I'm now able to loom slowly now. Looming slow is better than no looming at all with my hands hurting like they do. Here is a closer photo of my new handle.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Glitter Graphics -

We hope you have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Just to let you know my left hand is slowly getting better as of Tuesday 18, I tried to see if I could get back to working on my Yahoo LoomClass blocks.
I was able to work about 5 rows before I had to stop and let my left hand rest up. I'm so far behind on looming but a little looming a day is better than no looming at all. Take care and stay warm.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hi All,, Why I have not posted

Hi I just wanted to let you know that we made it back home August the 28 and on Sat30 I sprained my left wrist bad so I wasn't able to use my left hand at all and was hard for me to do anything right handed due to pain in my right thumb. On Oct.30 I re hurt my left wrist really bad again so hubby took me to ER they took x-rays of my left wrist no broken bones just a bad sprain and said I had 3 cyst's in the wrist joint that was due to the sprain along with arthritis. The ER Doc said I would have to wear a splint for 6 to 12 weeks. So up till Oct 23 I couldn't use my left hand at all till that Thurs, night when I popped my wrist back in place. As of Oct 23 I can bend my wrist some but with my hand being in a splint all that time and before the splint not being able to move anything on left hand it all made the joints so stiff, so I'm working my left fingers and wrist now each day. Bad thing is when I wake up in the morning I have to start all over making fingers move without as much pain. It will be slow going till my hand gets stronger. I can't wait to get back to looming and crocheting, its driving me nuts not being able to do anything but I know it takes time and I don't need to rush it or re hurt my hand again. I guess I will have to go have the Doc remove all 5 cyst's that I have now counting the one on my right thumb due to the burning and pain I have in them when I move my hand.
Thanks Wanda

Friday, July 4, 2008

Our combination visit family/attend weddings/vacation/honeymoon trip

I'm posting some pics from some of our trip. These first pics were from Paris, Tx where my family live. I went to two weddings on sat. June 7th the first wedding was at 4 pm and 2nd wedding was at 8pm and for the state of TX it was also free fishing day, and just our luck we didn't get to go due to the weddings lol but its all good lol. Here is wedding #1

wedding #2

I also got to see my granddaughter and as you will see from my pic I was So happy too see Shealee and my daughter Rosie.

I also got to see my mother and here are some pics of her and a hat/scarf combo I loomed for her and also a shaw I crochet for mom out of red heart when I was 16 years old.

This is another one of my kiddos. Heathers boyfriend just gave her an engadement ring when Heather came to see me, there getting married next winter.

Thats all the pics we took in Paris, Tx. I will post more pics about our trip soon.

Happy 4th

May you have a Safe and Happy 4th. We had a great Anniversary the 3rd. We started the day off paying $500.00 for a Ford truck so we can get on with our combination visit family/attend weddings/vacation/honeymoon trip, went shopping to pick up food to cook for our Anniversary Dinner. Hubby grilled us all a big steak and veggies(yummy). Next weekend we should be up at Floodwood Pond on an island in the middle of the lake camping and fishing for about 2 or 3 weeks before coming back down to Utica, NY. where hubby's brother and sister lives to visit with everyone before going back home to Fl.

Hubby did a great job boy oh boy did it taste so yummy lol. I'm slow with all the goings on here but I'm still working on my loom class block #5 and working on some other looming and crochet things that I will post pics of when I get done.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile

Hi All, Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We went on our combination visit family/attend weddings/vacation/honeymoon trip. It has been hard to get on line via wireless. Our trip has come to an abrupt halt when our trusty van suddenly died in Columbus Ohio. Hubbies Brother came and got us, towed our boat trailer up to his house in Upstate NY. So here we are until we find another vehicle to get us back home. As soon as we get home I will catch up on my groups and blog.
As promised here is the pattern for the pigtail hat I showed on the blog earlier. Very special thanks to Robin McCoy for teaching the class for me while we have been gone.

Free Pigtail Hat Pattern:

Pigtail Hat SUPPLY LIST BY Wanda Jean LaChevet

Supply List:

 Yarn 6 oz 4 ply (Sample was done with Caron Simply Soft 6 oz worsted weight 4 ply 315 yards (288 m)
 Red KK round Loom
 2 stands contrasting colored yarn 12" each
 Tapestry Needle
 Loom tool
 Crochet hook Sz J or smaller

Gauge: not important
Working with 2 strands of yarn as 1 doing Basic E-wrap.
Step 1:
Knitting all the way around��������� leaving a tail long enough to weave in later using 2 strands of yarn held as one, cast on to
the loom using the ewrap cast on. E-wrap and knit off in single stitch (1 over 1) for a total of 7 rows.
Step 2:
You will be performing a cuffed brim by bringing the cast on loops back up to place on the pegs again and knit off
the bottom loop over the top. (You will not be doing any wrapping for this process.) You can hide your beginning
tail by sandwiching it in between the two layers before knitting off.

Step 3:
Continue with the single stitch, e-wrapping every row, for 15 more rows or until desired length. Cut WY leaving 24"
tail. This should be on peg 31

Step 4:
You will need to remove the loops from pegs (1-8) and pegs (16-23) using two pieces of contrasting colored yarn to
hold them until later.

Step 5:
Using the long tail and using the gathered BO (bind off), remove the rest of the loops that remain on the loom on
pegs (9-15) and (24-31). NOTE:**do not pull tight yet.**

Step 6:
Turn the hat inside out. You can either work the other loops straight from the yarn that holds them, or you can put
the loops back on the pegs working one pigtail hole at a time. With working loops back on pegs (1-8) remove waste
yarn. Using 2 strands as one of same color put slip knot on crochet hook and perform the flat removal method
adding a chain between each loop. When you bind off the last loop from that set, pull your working yarn back
through the first loop to finish off the hole. Cut working yarn, tuck in tail.
Repeat with stitches 16-23
Step 7:
With hat removed from loom and inside out gather the center (st 9-15 and 24-31) as one piece pulling tight then tie
tails. Cut leaving enough to tuck in. Weave in all tails

To convert to green kk loom pegs 1-8 and 19-26 for pigtails. Center of hat pegs 9-18 and 27-36.
To convert to blue KK loom pegs 1-5 and 13-17 for pigtails. Center of hat pegs 6-12 and 18-24.

Special thanks to Robin McCoy for proofing pattern and working it.

Copyright BY Wanda Jean LaChevet 2008 All rights reserved. For personal, non-commercial use only.
E-mail contact:

Photo of Robin McCoy's Daughter Lady Tru

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crocheted Bootie Bag by Darlene Rambo

This is what I am calling my "BOOTY BAG".... I used Red Heart 4 ply yarn , with Peaches and Cream 4 ply white cotton thread. I used a size E crochet hook. I think it turned out pretty well, being my first bag.. It was made without a pattern. I did the bottom like an extra large bootie then just kept going up the sides. Then added a wide strap to be easy on my shoulders. I will try it out the 1st while going across country to see my family one last time .. Hope you enjoy, I enjoyed making this.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trying Something New

I have been thinking about making a bootie like this for some time, thought I would see if I could do it so here it is. This was just a quickie to test the idea.
It's loomed on the kk flower loom. The lace up was crocheted on after.
Just had to get it out of my mind and on a loom LOL.
Also fixed my wool Greek Fishermans hat. Bought it mail order and it came as ex-large. When I contacted them they didn't have any my size so I made it smaller.
Restitched the back then shrunk the wool. My first attempt at felting so I think it turned out well. Actually shrunk it about 3".
Hubby got some material to make his shopping bags using Knot Knitting. Comming Soon!
Darlene is working on a crochet bag using a size E hook single stitch.

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