Friday, July 4, 2008

Our combination visit family/attend weddings/vacation/honeymoon trip

I'm posting some pics from some of our trip. These first pics were from Paris, Tx where my family live. I went to two weddings on sat. June 7th the first wedding was at 4 pm and 2nd wedding was at 8pm and for the state of TX it was also free fishing day, and just our luck we didn't get to go due to the weddings lol but its all good lol. Here is wedding #1

wedding #2

I also got to see my granddaughter and as you will see from my pic I was So happy too see Shealee and my daughter Rosie.

I also got to see my mother and here are some pics of her and a hat/scarf combo I loomed for her and also a shaw I crochet for mom out of red heart when I was 16 years old.

This is another one of my kiddos. Heathers boyfriend just gave her an engadement ring when Heather came to see me, there getting married next winter.

Thats all the pics we took in Paris, Tx. I will post more pics about our trip soon.


Robin McCoy said...

You look so happy! I hope you are having tons of fun, Wanda! :D
Linda (I think it was Linda) sent me a link to this Lime and Violet blog thing that posts this tiny little articles about people offering free patterns and selling yarny stuff, etc. She said that she had wanted to send you the link but didn't know if you would get it being as that you are on vacation, so she sent it to me. Why? B/C YOUR FREAKIN' PIGTAIL HAT MADE AN ARTICLE!!!! Not just that...but they used the pic of Sissy holding my Cabbage Patch Kid for the pic of your hat! :D I was over the moon. Thought you might like to know. Here's the link, you'll have to go searching in back posts:

mommajean13 said...

Thank you Robin. Oh my it was so nice to see my babys in Tx. Hubbys family is so nice. And relieved to find a vehicle to get home with. I checked out that site, its kool. I wish she had posted a link though.
I just love that pic they both look cute in that pigtail hat.
Hugs, WandaJean

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