Monday, March 22, 2010

Update on what my Dear friend Darlene Rambo has been doing. As you know Darlene puts what is in her head into what she is crocheting. Darlene and I have both been learning how to read patterns and as you can see from the pics below shes doing a great job. In the 1st pic Darlene crochet this very nice throw for her son with the help of Mikeyssmail from youtube how to step by step videos. (Crochet - 1 Catherine Wheel Stitch - Starting A Blanket) at
This gray one was made for her son.

Two of many purses Darlene has made.(Great Job)

I love the way Darlens used all these colors to make this throw. This is absolutely magnificent Job on this throw Darlene you go girl.

Look at all the slippers she has been crocheting up. (Someones feet will be so warm haha.)

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