Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile

Hi All, Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We went on our combination visit family/attend weddings/vacation/honeymoon trip. It has been hard to get on line via wireless. Our trip has come to an abrupt halt when our trusty van suddenly died in Columbus Ohio. Hubbies Brother came and got us, towed our boat trailer up to his house in Upstate NY. So here we are until we find another vehicle to get us back home. As soon as we get home I will catch up on my groups and blog.
As promised here is the pattern for the pigtail hat I showed on the blog earlier. Very special thanks to Robin McCoy for teaching the class for me while we have been gone.

Free Pigtail Hat Pattern:

Pigtail Hat SUPPLY LIST BY Wanda Jean LaChevet wanda_sims2002@yahoo.com

Supply List:

 Yarn 6 oz 4 ply (Sample was done with Caron Simply Soft 6 oz worsted weight 4 ply 315 yards (288 m)
 Red KK round Loom
 2 stands contrasting colored yarn 12" each
 Tapestry Needle
 Loom tool
 Crochet hook Sz J or smaller

Gauge: not important
Working with 2 strands of yarn as 1 doing Basic E-wrap.
Step 1:
Knitting all the way around��������� leaving a tail long enough to weave in later using 2 strands of yarn held as one, cast on to
the loom using the ewrap cast on. E-wrap and knit off in single stitch (1 over 1) for a total of 7 rows.
Step 2:
You will be performing a cuffed brim by bringing the cast on loops back up to place on the pegs again and knit off
the bottom loop over the top. (You will not be doing any wrapping for this process.) You can hide your beginning
tail by sandwiching it in between the two layers before knitting off.

Step 3:
Continue with the single stitch, e-wrapping every row, for 15 more rows or until desired length. Cut WY leaving 24"
tail. This should be on peg 31

Step 4:
You will need to remove the loops from pegs (1-8) and pegs (16-23) using two pieces of contrasting colored yarn to
hold them until later.

Step 5:
Using the long tail and using the gathered BO (bind off), remove the rest of the loops that remain on the loom on
pegs (9-15) and (24-31). NOTE:**do not pull tight yet.**

Step 6:
Turn the hat inside out. You can either work the other loops straight from the yarn that holds them, or you can put
the loops back on the pegs working one pigtail hole at a time. With working loops back on pegs (1-8) remove waste
yarn. Using 2 strands as one of same color put slip knot on crochet hook and perform the flat removal method
adding a chain between each loop. When you bind off the last loop from that set, pull your working yarn back
through the first loop to finish off the hole. Cut working yarn, tuck in tail.
Repeat with stitches 16-23
Step 7:
With hat removed from loom and inside out gather the center (st 9-15 and 24-31) as one piece pulling tight then tie
tails. Cut leaving enough to tuck in. Weave in all tails

To convert to green kk loom pegs 1-8 and 19-26 for pigtails. Center of hat pegs 9-18 and 27-36.
To convert to blue KK loom pegs 1-5 and 13-17 for pigtails. Center of hat pegs 6-12 and 18-24.

Special thanks to Robin McCoy for proofing pattern and working it.

Copyright BY Wanda Jean LaChevet 2008 All rights reserved. For personal, non-commercial use only.
E-mail contact: wanda_sims2002@yahoo.com

Photo of Robin McCoy's Daughter Lady Tru


adminnie said...

just wanted to let you know that i've posted about this hat pattern on the daily chum. makes me wish i had little girls!

mommajean13 said...

Aww Thank you so much for your kind words that yiou posted on daily chum hun. Happy 4th

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