Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trying Something New

I have been thinking about making a bootie like this for some time, thought I would see if I could do it so here it is. This was just a quickie to test the idea.
It's loomed on the kk flower loom. The lace up was crocheted on after.
Just had to get it out of my mind and on a loom LOL.
Also fixed my wool Greek Fishermans hat. Bought it mail order and it came as ex-large. When I contacted them they didn't have any my size so I made it smaller.
Restitched the back then shrunk the wool. My first attempt at felting so I think it turned out well. Actually shrunk it about 3".
Hubby got some material to make his shopping bags using Knot Knitting. Comming Soon!
Darlene is working on a crochet bag using a size E hook single stitch.


Pam said...

These are adorable WandaJean!

Pam Sawyer

Robin McCoy said...

I love them both! The booties are just perfect! And I always wondered what that kind of hat was called. Now I know, 'Greek Fisherman's Hat'. :D
Thanks for the comment about my blog. I can't seem to comment on any of my yahoo groups tonight. I keep getting messages back saying it was not deliverable/no such domain. Hmmmmmm. Yahoo'd again. I really hate Yahoo! :P

cre8tivkj said...

All these darling baby booties everyone is making, kinda makes me want another baby to put them on :D

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