Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby's Pony-Tail hat

Baby got a new hat today! I made her a pony-tail hat to go with her new outfit. As you can see she is very happy with it, but then she's always happy. In fact she's a real doll LOL. I've been working on her outfit having now finished her shorts, top, a jumper, pig-tail hat and pony-tail hat along with her super simple booties. All my own design made on the red KK round loom and the KK flower loom. Also completed block #3 for my lapghan in Loom Class. A special thank you goes out to Robin McCoy for the block #3 pattern. She has been working so hard in Loom Class and her birthday is Friday May 2nd (hint hint) Happy Birthday Robin!! Ruby has been working on a daisy Quilt for her daughter. So far it has over 600 daisies and a long way to go. She is also working on a surpise to post on the blog here. Until next time, Loom on.


T. said...

These are awesome I wish you knit or crocheted (I didn't take to looming) I would love to crochet those outfits...they are awesome.
YOU GO GIRL!!!! you do great work.

mommajean13 said...

Thanks Tonya, Glad you like them. I'll try a crochet pattern sometime in the future. I can still crochet a lot faster than I can loom, but I need the loom practice. Plus I like to show people there is a lot more you can do with a loom besides scarves and hats. Ruby is the crochet whiz-that girl can hook and she's self taught also. She looks at something and whips it up.

T. said...

Oh to be that young and talented!!!
Let me know when you get it into crochet form rofl.

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