Thursday, May 15, 2008

A week of learning fun

Happy May Birthday's to all. I'll even be 50 the 17th.
I crocheted a thermos cozy for hubby this week. It works! Now his coffee stays nice and hot!
I was asked to make my ponytail & pigtail hats using a crochet hook for the ones that don't loom so I tried and here are the pics of my new crochet ponytail hat (not bad for my first ever crochet hat I think) I will get the crochet hat patterns as soon as I can. I'm not really good at reading a crochet pattern so I'm slow to write them. As for the loomed ponytail & pigtail hat patterns, I will post them as soon as the yahoo loom class is over for the pigtail hat. The pigtail hat class starts June 8 - 14th in for anyone that would like to loom it. Robin McCoy will be your teacher for me due to Karl & I will be out of town on our anniversary/family visit/fishing/honeymoon/ vacation trip. Woo Hoo!

My first try at crocheting something like this, buy hubby asked if I could make him a cozy to keep his coffee warm longer so here it is.

Keeps coffee Hot!

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Robin McCoy said...

You did a wonderful job on BOTH the hat and the thermos cosy. My parents used to have a thermos just like that one...but the glass on the inside broke at one point and it had to be tossed. But I love what you have done with it. Really, REALLY nice. Colors are good too. :D I think I really really really like it b/c I can't get the pics of it out of my head. If we had a thermos I would be makin' me one right now. LOL!

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