Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finished SIL's Scarf

Hi There ,Thanks for dropping by. Hubby named this scarf The Convertible Scarf, due to all the ways one can wear it. This scarf was made for my ex SIL for her birthday, she doesn't like hats or a long scarf.I was going to add 2 more buttons on back of the two buttons till hubby said make it just like the one I made for my mother and his sister, but from now on there will be two buttons back to back on each side lol( you can see in pic's why i need 4 buttons ) .With me learning to loom, you know its easy to make lol. I'll post a pattern soon. It will be free for others to use for now but please don't sell them if you make them. I made this scarf on the green kk round loom. Hope you like it, Take care.

Loom On, WandaJean


Kirstin said...

Very nice, Wanda! I'm curious about how you made the button holes and also about the cool quarter buttons. (Were those just showing where the extra buttons will be in the future?) I'm sure your ex-SIL will love it!

Robin McCoy said...

That is a wonderful scarf! So versatile. I am going to have to keep that one in mind for Christmas gifts. I would say for myself too....but I am determined to make a cabled scarf to go with my mittens and hat. :D


Wow, I loooove it. Definitely love it. Please post a pattern. You are really creative.

RavelryID: mariat

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

I love it, Wanda! Scarflets are among my favorite loom knitted items and yours is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Wanda what a great idea. I had a Larynectomee in 1999. So I have a lot of scarring around my throat from all the surgeries and the radiation. I think this scarf I could wear to help me cover some of the scarring without it being hard for me to breathe. I can't wait till you publish the pattern.

Kathy said...

That is really cool! Have you posted the pattern yet?

Pam said...

I love it. Very versatile. Hope you post a pattern, would love to make one.


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