Monday, May 11, 2009

More news about Shealee

Update on my granddaughter Shealee. Shealee is still in the hospital as of now.
((All dog bites carry a risk of infection, but immediate copious irrigation can significantly decrease that risk. Assessment for the risk of tetanus and rabies virus infection, and subsequent selection of prophylactic antibiotics, are essential in the management of dog bites.))

The doctors are keeping her in the hospital due to needing to take a MRI on her little hand and wrist where that pit bull damage it. The pit bull broke her right wrist when it bit her right hand breaking her hand in two places as well.

The reason for the MRI on her hand is to see if they can save her growth plate in her hand an wrist that was badly damaged. The doctor said he would try his best to save Shealee's hand but it is badly damage. Both my granddaughter an my daughter are both like me, yep there lefties too lol. I'm just glad it was her right hand an not her left hand. As for me I'm now taking therapy for my left hand after my 2-31-09 surgery on my hand. I can now sometimes open a bag of ramen noodles if its not to hard to open. I still will need 2 or 3 more surgeries before I can get back to looming and crocheting again. Thanks to the first surgery I'm not in as much pain now. Keep Shealee in your prayers she needs them thank you.

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