Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update about why I'm not posting much.

I was DX: with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Restless legs Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. No meds have worked yet with my severe pain.

What I call zapping = zapping is when pain hits me in spots here and there, where the zapping pain moves all over my body as in it may zap my upper leg and eye at same time or another place in my body it don't just hit one place and stay there. That's what I call zapping(pain).
My eyes hurt with pain or throbbing in his head and eyes all the time be it strong or lite. My eyesight is always coming and going making it very hard to see clear, with tired dried burning most of the time. Headaches from strong to mild. Ringing in my ears that come and go. "THE FIBRO FOG" it upsets me not being able to remember things like when I'm talking I forget what I was just going to say or I go to write something down so I don't forget it and I forget to write it down hmm. My hubby will tell me to remind him of something and I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Lights hurt my eyes anytime of the day or nite. I can now smell things stronger and longer that now upset my tummy or goes straight to my head. It's strange how I can even smell some of this stuff. The bones in my face all hurt and it's not like the same feeling I have when my sinus kicks in this pain is more like a dull to painful feeling like my bones being chipped away little by little on the inside not outside of them. The mussels feel so sore like I over worked them. Zapping pain all over even in my eyes .

MY NECK: Has dull to painful and I get zapping pain in different spots all over it. My glans swell up and become sore.
My neck feels sore to just touch it and it feels like it can't hold my head up any longer. The bones in my neck go from dull to very painful and my muscles are tender to very sore.

MY SHOULDERS: Oh my they never stop hurting not even on a good day. I always have that feeling like my bones being chipped away little by little on the inside not outside of them. both my shoulders feels like there both being pulled and twisted out of there joints oh my they hurt so bad. They both hurt when I just try to move or bend my elbow or just move my arms at all. The bones in my shoulders go from dull to very painful and my mussels are tender to very sore and then I get the zapping pain in them.

MY ARMS: The bones in both upper and lower arms all hurt from feeling like my bones being chipped away little by little on the inside not outside of them. The mussels feel so sore like I over worked them and are badly bruised. Oh my when I get that zapping pain in both my arms its so painful its hard not to set crying like a little baby. Both of my arms feel so heavy when I move them.

MY HAND & FINGERS: I'm now getting Charley horses in them both along with cramping, burning, throbbing burning and pain in them both.

MY BACK: My lower back never stops hurting , aching or burning. I know when the pain in my lower back moves down to my butt cheeks that I had better find a place to set down or the pain will feel as though someone just kicked both my legs out from under me and down I fall and sometimes without a warning. BED TIME WOW I try to stay up as long as I can till I'm so tired I just pass out then I'll go to bed because I know when my body touched the bed it's going to be so painful that's its even hard to catch my breath due to being in so much pain. I have to lay still as I can not to move at all so the pain from the bed touching my back will go down to a dull pain. But now if I need to move or turn in bed oh my all that pain comes back again till my body gets used to the bed touching it this happens with each movement, even on my good days. Zapping pain all over.

MY CHEST/ RIBS: The more pain I have the harder it if for me to breath. My chest and ribs always feel like I should be black and blue all over. Just to try and wear my bra can be so painful for it just touching my ribs and skin oh my. I always have aching all over my chest and ribs. I also get zapping all over and pain inside my ribs and my chest bones and boy does it ever so hurt.

MY STOMACH: I get Charley horses in my stomach so bad and bloating and zapping pains all over. Everything i eat or drink I get an upset stomach. My bowels are no longer normal for me.

MY HIPS: OH My what pain wow both hips feel as though there being twisted and pulled apart. Now days I don't have to move much with hearing them pop feeling like they just popped out if joint. Then pain inside my hip bones ache and zap all over with pain. Some times it fills like I'm giving birth again.

MY LEGS: My legs are swelled up and stay that way and now I'm getting these hard knots going from the sides of both legs over my knees up to both hips. The knots are very hard and heavy and are starting to hang down pulling my skin so it makes them burn and ache, man they do get in my way too. I can't lie on my sides thinks to these long big knots due to feeling like I'm lying on a wadded up thick blanket. Zapping pain all over.

MY ANKLES & FEET: My legs and feet both stay so badly swelled that I look deformed from having rolls on my ankles and legs. I have stretch marks on my feet even from them swelling up so big. My legs and ankles and feet burn ache and feel like there badly bruised but there not. Zapping pain all over.

MY SKIN: My skin always ache and burn and feel as though its badly bruised all over. Zapping pain all over.

MY JOINTS: My joints from my head to my toes all burn, and all feel like there being twisted out of there sockets as there shooting pain in them. The bad thing is I don't even have to move for them to hurt and oh my when I do move any joint its so painful that it even makes it hard to breath. All my joints are always popping like they just popped out of place and that is so very painful. Zapping pain all over.
MY MUSCLES: My muscles burn and get Charley horses all over them from my face to my feet. Not a day goes by without them aching and burning. Zapping pain all over.

MY BONES: I always have that feeling like my bones being chipped away little by little on the inside not outside of them. They ache all the time never stopping. A dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain. Sometimes my bones feel like there on fire and to use them as in to stand up wow the pain kicks in even more so, with the feeling like there about to explode at any time. Zapping pain all over.
I know I have left out alot of other things but this is just some of the ways I'm feeling the last few weeks.
I have something going on with my feet that is new ,well its been going on since last week in July2010. My nest to last toe next to my pinky toe is being pulled under my foot on both my feet. I can see what looks like a line or where a tendon is being pulled tight and it runs from mt toe up to my lower back on both sides. What can this be? I cant strighten out my legs without it pulling on my toes and the wow the cramping Charley horses.
Funny how people that do'n have Fibro can tell you I't all in your head or you just need to go for walks. Ok let them put on my shoes and let me see just how far they can and will walk. Don't think they would make it more that 5 or 6 feet befor they were hurting so bad that they have to set down or fall down.


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