Saturday, April 26, 2008

About Me:

About Me

About me: Im married to a great man, that make me so very happy. Karl is very supportive in all things I do or try to do,he even helps me as I go along when needed. We have 4 grown children and two grandbabys. Im so lucky to have a hubby that shares in the same ideals, likes and dislikes.We live in central Fl. We love the outdoors, gardening, fishing, working with our hands and all kinds of crafts. I moved to Fl. from NE Tx.Jan.06 to be with Karl. I miss my children,grandbabys and kiddos and grandkiddos back in Tx. Karl and I both are Lightning Strike Survivors. With him bing hit once and me bing hit 10 times. Goes to show you that not everyone dies from lightning but sometimes it makes you wished you had due to all the pain and strange things that happen to your body after bing hit by lightning. Im learning to loom on round and long looms. There very easy to use and helps take my mind off some of the pain due to lightning.

May 16,2001 I took my son and daughter to meet up with my parents at a lake where my baby brothers wifes family were having there family get together. My children wanted to go swimming so we were playing in the water till I seen that sky was turning dark due to a comming storm,so we all got out of the water to be on the safe side and went back up to the camp site where my parents were set up. I had been seating with my parents till I got up and walked over to where my SIL parents camper and I hurd a loud round of thunder and out of nowheres this big white ball of lightning (comming from there camper ) hit me in my left eye and went out of the middle of my back,wow I had never been in so much pain. I thought my left eye was melted due to the heat from the lightning fireball OMG it hurt so bad like as if my eye was on fire. Both of my parents came over to check on me. My dad was trying to get me to talk to him but I couldn't even talk,oh I tried to talk but no words were comming out. My dad ask me if I was ok and said he seen that white ball hit me but didnt see it nowheres. Poor dad was freeking out and as for my mom she thought it was just a lighting bug that had got in my eye hmmm lol. All I know is I was on fire inside and out where the lightning fire ball came in and exited. All I could see with my left eye was bright white and a little orange lights, and wow my back was burning so bad. When I was able to talk, I ask my dad was my eye gone.Dad said no its still there ,then I ask him to look at my back, he said that there was a burned place in the middle of my back but it was ok so dad helped me inside there motorhome to rest. I didn't go to the hospital because due to my past hits with lightning the hospital told me if was wasn't dying or close to it there nothing they can do for anyone that lightning strikes. My mom helped by holding an icepack on my back and I had one on my eye. The lightning fire ball blinded me in my left eye till 2:32 pm the next day when my eye sight returned.

Happy Birthday to meeeee I could seeeeee, that was one birthday I will never forget. Thanks to the lightning loving me so much I now suffer with pain all the time and nerve damage and every time there is any lightning at all I feel it inside mt body and eye. My eye sight messes up where its hard to see every time there is any lightning at all around me. Don't ever think your safe in a car when its lightning because I have had lightning to come in the window when I was driving and hit my in the middle of my chest 3 times so far, just glad that someone was in the car with me each time due to me not bing able to move after it hit me for 5 to 10 min after. This is why I loom or do other thing to try and keep my mind off my pain. Hope I didn't bore you.

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