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Loomed Firewood Carrier

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And now my hubby Karl...
Hi. Picture yourself on a camping trip walking in a pristine forest when you spot a downed tree. Knowing there is little firewood around your campsite you get out your trusty hatchet. In no time you have an impressive pile of firewood. How to get it back to camp? If you make one of these it's no problem at all.
Picture shows carrier with over 40 pounds of sticks.

Light, compact and strong. You can make this from various materials. This one is made from jute twine. Almost twice as thick standard weight yarn and much stronger. This can be made on a rake or round loom. After making it I think it should be a bit wider and not as long so the pattern below reflects this using a technique I call knot knitting.
Should last many years if taken care of.

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Firewood Carrier Pattern

Supply List: 2 rolls Jute twine (350 ft)
2 wooden dowels 15-18" long, 3/4-1" dia.
Blue KK Long Loom or Green KK Round Loom
KK I-Cord Loom Gauge not important

Notions: Loom hook, crochet hook, scissors, metal yarn needle, hand saw.

We will be using pegs 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28 and 31 only as a flat panel throughout pattern. Working with one strand.

Step 1
Leaving 4 foot tail place slip knot on first peg, skip pegs 2 and 3, e-wrap 4, Continue in this manner to peg 31. E-wrap peg 31 and work back to peg 1.
Knit over all pegs. All e-wraps should be on same pegs.

Step 2
All rows are worked the same. All pegs are worked separately.
On peg one E-wrap, knit over. Do this 3 times on same peg, pulling yarn tight after each yarn over. You should have 3 st on peg one.
This will create a knot.
Repeat on pegs 4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28 and 31
Continue for 48 rows or until desired length.

Step 3
Binding off. Use gather method but tie knot in each stitch pulling working yarn tight to next stitch.
Leave 4 foot tail

Step 4
Shaping net.
After taking off loom grasp the net tightly and pull the knots tight. Do this across then up and down all rows.

Step 5
Attaching dowels.
Stretch out net width wise to get dowel length.
Cut dowels to length. Lay the net flat. Place dowel across one end. Roll netting over dowel until net meets tightly. Now using the long tail, Using metal yarn needle sew stitches together all the way across to make a tight sleeve for the dowel. Optional* To keep sleeve from sliding make a stitch across the center at the end of dowels in netting It should like this (!) at the end of dowel.

Step 6
Make handles.
Using small end of KK I-Cord Loom E-wrap as per directions until 17" long leaving long tail on both ends(for sewing handle together). Use gather bind off method.

Step 7
Attaching handles.
Measure to find center of dowels. 2" from center wrap end of I-cord around dowel leaving about 2" of
cord to attach. Using the long tail on I-cord sew together. Pull I_cord tight at dowel and stitch across to make handle bind tight to dowel.
Repeat with other end of handle. Attach 2nd handle following method for first handle.
Weave in all tails.

Note: If you leave out dowels and attach handles to netting then sew up sides, you have a sturdy, compact shopping bag. The materials in this pattern are biodegradable
If it should become lost in the woods it will rot away so as not to endanger wildlife. You may want to use a stronger, longer lasting material for use at home.

Copyright BY Karl K LaChevet 2008 All rights reserved. For personal, non-commercial use only. E-mail contact:


Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

That is really an ingenious idea! What a neat trick...Great job Karl! :D That stitch would also make an excellent shopping bag.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Firewood Carrier! You did a great job on it. You know, you could, with the right material, use your pattern to make a hammock to rest on during the non-firewood months. grin

ruby rambo said...

WTG!!! KARL>>>> very nice job .. Now that you can loom.. I need some baby doll clothes!!!!

Sorka said...

Hmm Someone shoulda submitted that one to Loom Knitter's Circle Magazine.. mwah hahaha! Next time!!

mommajean13 said...

Thank you all for your comments.
As for Ruby, nope wife does the doll stuff. I just make stuff us guys can use too. Besides, it's knot knitting LOL.

Robin McCoy said...

GREAT JOB, KARL!!!! Now, could you guys talk my hubby into picking up a loom, yarn and pick? He'll pick up the loom alright, and threaten to throw it away. LOL! Naw, really, I can't get him to even try anything. :( He is all wrapped up in his online video game. :)

mommajean13 said...

Thank you Robbin, Would be hard to beat the video game thing.
My son is a game freak. He even writes them LOL.

cre8tivkj said...

Excellent! I need to show this to my hubby! I doubt he'd make one but would order one up for me to make :D He is such an outdoorsy guy. He went bear hunting when he was 7 without parental knowledge or permission (his family lived on a heavily wooded farm and had thousands of national forest behind their property). He is truely in his element in the woods.

Samanthazsideoftheworld said...

I love this idea.I have a woodstove so I think I am going ot make one also. But I was woundering how does this handle to larger pices of wood. Like ones you would use to set the fire for the night?


mommajean13 said...

In answer to Samathaz..The carrier is very strong. In picture it has 40 lbs of fresh cut wood-it held up better than I did LOL. Well dried logs aren't nearly as heavy.
You can also make it from stronger material.

mommajean13 said...

This pattern has been viewed by 1600 times. 1599 people liked it.
Just one person didn't like how the pattern was written or what it was made from and couldn't understand how to do it so I've changed the terms used.
If anyone has trouble with the pattern don't hesitate to email me at

Anonymous said...

Certainly different..wtg K

Medieval said...

wtg K

runklep said...

We are big campers and I have always thought about having something like this! I dont have a loom or know how, any other thoughts on how to create another way? Do you have to use a loom? What a great idea!

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