Sunday, April 20, 2008

A busy week Looming

This has been a busy week of looming and crocheting. Ruby did most of the crocheting and some looming too. Wow. Can she hook that needle! Some of her projects are on my previous post. She will be joining us often in the future.
As for me I finished Afghan block #2, decided the shade of green was too bland so back to the yarn store (grin) and picked out a deeper green and made another. This one stands out much better. Thanks goes out to Jenny Stark for sharing the pattern and teaching the class. Great job! An easy fun pattern and I think it looks great.

The new dolls have started a doll craze as more people are getting dolls and I've been getting a lot of emails for patterns for doll clothes. Ruby has been crocheting most of the doll clothes while I've been in the laboratory experimenting with my looms. I came up with a quick easy bootie design I really like using the knifty knitter flower loom. The same bootie will fit a newborn too.
The pattern needs a little tweaking yet.

Also loomed some doll panties, a little blouse and a couple of hats you can pull the pig tails through the top of the hat. I think they are so cute!

Modeling is hard work!

Still working on the rest of her outfit. More on it later.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, hubby finished his firewood carrier and finally got some pics of it for me. Turned out great. I'm so proud of him.
It holds a lot of wood. It's very sturdy and looks great. Should last for years.
Here's a pic of it rolled up. As you can see it's very compact.

I know what you're can that little thing hold all that wood. Just have to come back and see. Will feature it in the next post.
In the meantime Loom On


Robin McCoy said...

I don't think I can tell you how cute I find that pigtail hat! I want to make one for Stephanie now, so you are either gonna have to share the pattern with me OR I am gonna twist your arm and tell you that that would make a really cute class (unless the pattern isn't yours originally, and then you could just ask the original designer of it is OK to teach it.) :D I love all of the stuff on your blog. You are definitely very talented and the babies bring it out in you a lot! :D See you in class (YOU'RE LATE!)

Anonymous said...

Robin I can't wait to see wood carrier unrolled we have a hunting camp that we can use this at. What kind of thread or yarn did he use. I would be proud to. It sounds like you both have a great relationship makes me miss my husband even more. I am all for the class also.

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