Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making Things For A Friend

Even as the spring storms have been looming so have I. Using a variation of Robin McCoys Strawberry Sundae Deluxe hat pattern I did some preemie hats and booties for a dear friend. We were talking and she asked how I was at making booties.
It has been AGES since I made baby booties. But I gave it a shot and tried a heel for the first time. Made them without a pattern. They turned out great I'm happy to say. Hope your baby enjoys these Darlene as much as I enjoyed making them.
I got an early Birthday present when Darlene sent me a bond knitting machine.
Happy Birthday to Meee! Whoo Hoo. I love it!
Meanwhile Hubby finished his firewood carrier and will feature that in the next post.
He did a great job on it and I'm so proud of him.
Loom On!


Robin McCoy said...

LOL! You sure do like to talk about me a lot, huh? You keep it up and someone is gonna think that I am as good as Isela or Graciela! (blushing) :D
I love the way those hats and booties work together. If it were your own pattern I would say that you needed to teach it in the Loom Class. They are adorable. (((HUGS))) and love from Mississippi!

mommajean13 said...

Lol Thanks Robin Oh I did make them up as I made the first bootie no pattern was used,so guess I have a new pattern lol

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