Saturday, April 19, 2008

Meet a Dear Friend Ruby Darlene Rambo

Hi, I would like you to meet my dear friend Darlene Rambo. Darlene and I met in our yahoo loom class one day and have been having so much fun. I just wish I could learn to crochet 1/2 as good as Darlene. We both chat on yahoo every day. We crochet and loom as we chat on yahoo messenger and we both are learning alot from each other now that we both have our new baby dolls. She's a hookin' and I'm a pickin' LOL.
Thank you Darlene for being a dear friend. Darlene even has a new loom pattern now and I told her I would post it here for you and her pics and other things she has made.

Daisy Baby Hat

Pattern by Ruby Darlene Rambo

pattern done using e-wrap on blue kk round loom
Tools needed: Blue KK Loom, Knit-Wit or KK flower loom, pick,
yarn needle, scissors
Using two strands as one knit off 6 rows for brim, add off color for 2 rows. Do 6 more rows put first row back on pegs to finish brim.
Continue e wrapping to length you want gather off-do not tie or cut yarn yet.

Using Flower loom or knit-wit as per instructions with loom Make flower in basic color, trim with contrast color, Gather top of hat to fit flower and tie off. Attach flower with contrast color to hat, tuck in all tails

Copyright Ruby Darlene Rambo 2008

This is the outfit that the hat pattern goes with, I think its just so cute don't you?

Here are the shoes she just made for her babys outfit.

This is another outfit Darlene made.

Hope you enjoy Darlenes work, she will be adding more cute things soon.


ruby rambo said...

THANK YOU WANDA, you are a good friend to let me share your blog.. Ill do my best to make you proud..

mommajean13 said...

Awww You're a sweet friend Ruby.
I know you will hun. Welcome aboard!

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