Monday, April 14, 2008

New Baby Dolls

Hi There, I have been having fun looming new things for my baby dolls hubby and Ruby got me for my early birthday gift. Trying out new ideas I'm making up as I go so no need to follow a pattern. There are two preemie dolls, one miracle baby and one My dream baby. My friend Darlene sent me a big box with the two preemie dolls, two hand made pacifiers, two beautiful sets of crocheted booties and a gorgeous porcelain doll she'd made herself. Also went shopping for yarn and other goodies for babies. Woo Hoo! Will post pics of babies soon.
Making a pair of baby pants on the loom-will write up pattern as I go.
Had loomed booties for preemies but turns out their feet are really small so will do more on big end of I-cord loom. Hat was perfect fit.
Right now working on second block for Loom Class.
Special thanks to Darlene and Hubby for a great early Birthday Surprise.
Also Darlene taught me how to crochet her pattern for baby booties.
Thats all for now.
Loom On, WandaJean

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Robin McCoy said...

I like this post! (Like I didn't like all your posts, *rolls her eyes*) Do you what kind of doll the preemie babies are? Name brand, etc. I really want to make Chris get me a doll all of my own to use as a preemie model, rather than snatch one of Steph's. :D I need a baby doll! And I think I am gonna get to talkin' to Darlene as well. She sounds pretty knowledgable in the baby doll area, too. :D Have a great week, Wanda. (P.s. that phrase you use for knits and purls is so much better than mine. I always told myself that 'K'ings are above 'P'rinces. See? Not that great.)

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